If you decide to change your name, Burn & Co Solicitors can help you prepare the necessary documentation.

We understand that people change their name for a variety of reasons and that, in many cases, the decision to change their name is an emotional one. What the law thinks of this is simple; a name change is acceptable unless it seeks to defraud or has some criminal benefit. Simply asking others to call you by your new name could work although most financial institutions and other professional bodies will require some form of paperwork before they amend their records. A deed poll or statutory declaration is more sensible as other parties and authorities accept more readily a legal document than just your word.

Burn & Co Solicitors can help you change your name simply and easily. A change of name deed is drawn up by one of our expert lawyers and the proper procedure carried out to ensure its legal status. If there are any associated matters to the change of name deed, we can discuss this at the time.

Changing your child’s name

If you have separated from your partner and your child no longer has any contact with that parent, you may wish to change the surnames of your children if they are of a certain age. It may be that you have since re-married and have had other children and you would like everyone to have the same name. There are a number of reasons for wanting to change a child’s name but this requires the consent of all those with parental responsibility and if they fail to give consent, then the permission of the Court will have to be obtained.

The Court will be reluctant to permit a change to a child’s name or surname unless it can be proved that it is in the child’s best interests to do so. A child’s surname often acts as a link to a non-resident parent and members of the family whom he or she does not see as often as those members of the family with whom he or she lives.

Changing a child’s name is therefore not an easy process and we would suggest that the advice of expert solicitors is sought before any application is made to the Court.

At Burn & Co Solicitors we explain everything in plain English, answering any questions you may have and making the process easy to understand. We also offer free, initial over-the-phone advice and will explain the estimated costs and timescales involved as soon as we can so you always know what to expect.

To discuss changing your name legally, call us today on 01904 655442.

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