Extension to my igloo has left me feeling cold!

Published: 28 December 2016

Author: Hayley Crossman-Shaw

Category: Blog

Dear Noel…….

I instructed a firm of builders to build an extension to my igloo after the birth of our fourth child as we needed more room. I was pleased with the result at first but soon began to notice a leak in the roof of the igloo extension. I called the builders and asked them to come and look at the fault and repair the damage. They are refusing to come out and correct the fault. Where do I stand?
Mr P. Enguin – North Pole


Dear Mr P Enguin

I presume that your extension was built after 1 October 2015. If so, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies. This says that a contract for services (such as a building contract) must be carried out with “reasonable care & skill”.

If the service is inadequate, then you can ask for the work to be carried out again or (where that is impossible) for a price reduction. If the builder refuses, then you should arrange for the work to be carried out by another builder. You can then claim the money back from the first builder (as long as the amount is reasonable). If the first builder refuses to pay, then you can bring a claim in breach of contract in the County Court. However, it is very important that before the work is repaired you keep evidence of the poor work. This could include photographs. However, it is best to get a report from an expert.