Mother sacked because of disabled daughter awarded £18,886

A mother who was sacked because her employers felt that caring for her daughter was more important to her than her job has been awarded £18,886 in com...

26 June 2017

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Court corrects blunder made by well-meaning company directors

The High Court has overturned a major mistake made by directors that would have had serious consequences for their company and its shareholders. The p...

19 June 2017

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Unsuccessful tenderer allowed to examine confidential information

The High Court has allowed Bombardier Transportation to examine confidential documents after it alleged that it had been treated unfairly in a public ...

7 June 2017

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Jaguar Land Rover must pay out £19,000 over ‘racist slurs’

Jaguar Land Rover has been ordered to pay £19,000 compensation to a black employee who was subjected to racist slurs by staff and management. Mr Paul ...

2 June 2017

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Power of Attorney

As we move through life and take on greater responsibilities, we often find that our thoughts turn to the long term future. Whilst you may not want to...

23 May 2017

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Wife wins appeal over share of estranged husband’s estate

The problems that can arise if a person fails to keep their will up to date was highlighted in a recent case involving a deceased man’s estranged wife...

22 May 2017

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Woman engineer wins her appeal over sex discrimination claim

A woman engineer who was told she was aggressive and unlikeable by male colleagues has won her appeal against the dismissal of her sex discrimination ...

19 May 2017

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Family lawyers urge ministers to press on with ‘no-fault’ divorce

The family lawyers group, Resolution, is calling on the government to introduce a no-fault divorce system as soon as possible. It says the momentum ga...

16 May 2017

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Now it costs less to take out a lasting power of attorney

The increasing demand for powers of attorney have enabled the government to reduce costs. It means the fee for applying to register a lasting power of...

12 May 2017

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