Health Secretary looks forward to a cure for dementia

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has posed the question of whether we might find a cure for dementia in near future. Speaking on World Alzheimer’s Day he ...

20 October 2017

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Daughter awarded share of father’s estate despite his wishes

A woman who was estranged from her father has been awarded £30,000 from his estate even though he disinherited his children in his will. The court hea...

18 October 2017

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Bus driver sacked for running red light wins employment claim

A bus driver with an “exemplary record” who was sacked for going through traffic lights when they were on red has won his Unfair Dismissal claim. The ...

17 October 2017

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Some rich fathers ‘are paying too little in child support’

A leading judge has called for reforms to prevent rich fathers manipulating their finances to reduce the amount they pay towards their children’s upbr...

13 October 2017

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Early signs that your customer can’t settle your invoice

Good cash flow is the life blood of any business so it’s essential to monitor overdue invoices and act quickly to ensure payment. Failure to act promp...

6 October 2017

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Imperial loses contract dispute but can recover overpayments

A company was not justified in terminating a contract due to alleged defects in work carried out but that did not remove its right to recover overpaym...

4 October 2017

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Local authority ‘acted unlawfully’ in taking child from mother

A local authority had acted unlawfully when it ignored a care order and removed a child from his mother. That was the decision of the Family Court in ...

28 September 2017

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Cancer sufferer awarded £47,000 in discrimination case

A woman who claimed she was subjected to discrimination and harassment while undergoing treatment for cancer has been awarded more than £47,700 compen...

22 September 2017

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Court awards wife £350,000 plus half husband’s pension

A husband has lost his appeal against a court order awarding his wife a large lump sum and half his pension. The case involved a couple who divorced a...

21 September 2017

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Landlord wins court case after transferring property to wife

A landlord who temporarily transferred ownership of a block of flats to his wife has won his appeal in an enfranchisement case. The court heard that i...

18 September 2017

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